25th Anniversary Charity Ball


In October 2017 we were delighted to be asked to work with the Starship Foundation to produce their 25th Anniversary Charity Ball. For 25 years our national children's hospital and its fundraising foundation have been saving the lives of Kiwi kids. In 2017 alone Starship had over 125k patient visits. And since 1991 the Starship Foundation has raised over $129m to help provide better care for young patients.

The Foundation’s brief to us included:

Create an unforgettable evening that tugs at the heartstrings of a generous audience. Pull together a star-studded roster of talent who are happy to donate their time and skills to the sick kids of New Zealand. Celebrate Starship’s success, their staff, and the generosity of their supporters. Choreograph the event to generate as much funding as possible for Starship.


The creative idea that held the event together was “Through The Looking Glass” – an idea which enabled us to transform Spark Arena into a whimsical and intimate space, and allowed us to tell the story about the future of Starship and its vision for the years ahead.

On the evening our guests entered through a tunnel of hands, they then spiralled down the rabbit hole into a magical pre-function space. Our hero bar sat under a massive balloon tree with drinks a plenty. Our main set piece was a 10 metre high LED screen that sat upright like a book. And aside from looking extremely sexy, it also tied into the overall theme and magic of storytelling.


The Starship Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Charity Ball was not only filled with spectacular on-message entertainment but it also allowed plenty of room to just connect with other like-minded individuals.

When the night ended the Foundation had raised over $540k from a generous audience – another record result, in fact the best ever!