Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

APEC 2021

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In late 2020 Uno Loco was appointed the Virtual Theming and Production Services partner for APEC 2021.

NZ is the host economy for APEC 2021 and as such has transitioned to a full virtual solution rather than the original in person APEC that was originally planned.

The virtual meeting platform allows all 21 APEC economies to connect in a way that has not been done before.

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The Uno Loco team supports a range of APEC meetings with in meeting content design, technically production for high level meetings, working with a range of stakeholders across the APEC region and the MFAT client.

Outside of the meetings, we also produce the global media conferences. Working with Senior Officials, Ministers, and leaders, connecting global media together to present questions to our trade minister and our Prime Minister have been highlights so far.

We are well set up with redudancancy and robust technology solutions to ensure we are covered for any unforeseen tech issues as well as the ability to remote virtual if required.

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