Tourism New Zealand

You’ve Gotta Be Joking


Tourism New Zealand asked Uno Loco to create an interactive event to educate the Australian Business & Events industry by addressing the misconceptions about NZ as a business destination and increase conference bookings to NZ.


Guests were invited to “become part of a studio audience” for the filming of our showcase “You’ve Got To Be Joking”. Jeremy Corbett, New Zealands top comedian was the next ingredient to drive engagement.

Uno Loco's writer and show director is a highly skilled comedic writer with 20 years experience at producing live theatre and interactive audience experiences. His ability to capture the critical messaging wrapped in humour that was industry relevant was a key engagement driver.

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An extremely successful event that was held in Melbourne & Adelaide in 2018 - results from the survey found 95% of the guests are now considering NZ as a conference destination as a consequence of attending the event & 99% of guests found the event engaging and educational and would like to attend future NZ Tourism events. This is an astounding figure for an audience who often find similar events a chore. The event generated pipeline opportunities worth millions of dollars.

Due to the huge success we were asked to produce the event in Sydney in 2019 & now we are looking to take it to Brisbane.

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